HnP on Super D

11 05 2007

Several months ago, we were approached by a tall man in pleated Dockers and wire-rim glasses to pitch what he referred to as “content” for a burgeoning comedy portal know as Super Deluxe. Mike and I were in “agreeance,” as Fred Durst would say as if it were a contemporary word, that this was a good thing. After five months of lawyers breaking down the paperwork into its most soluble parts, like prepositions and the payment schedule for the shorts were they ever, by chance, to run in the molecules of a Jovian ammonia cloud, a contract was drafted using English words and paper technology. Today, we received cash money to make the aforementioned content, which will consist of four shorts (abridged films, not the miniature pants). These shorts will center around the idea that CMT has launched a PBS. Basically, it’s a reason for us to write country sounds about math, science and culture, three topics that are more chilling to a hick than a vampire being sodomized by a garlic phallus.

We are pleased to announce the re-teaming of us with the prodigious director of our “π” video, Keith Schofield.




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10 07 2007
4 New Songs Recorded, Titles Released « Hard ‘N Phirm Industries

[…] along with these songs for SuperDeluxe, as was outlined in an earlier and dare I say, delightful, post. The songs were recorded, mixed and engineered at Carriage House in Silver Lake, CA by a good bloke […]

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