Phirm’s “Gastral Plane” Reverberates With Friend

14 05 2007

Good on you, Phirm!
Asshole swabs poop deck aboard aging boat

Hard ‘N Phirm co-front man Chris Hardwick issued a statement today heralding band mate and business partner Mike Phirman’s decision to christen his groundbreaking new internet fart sharing program The Gastral Plane. “When I heard Mike had been toying with awful puns like, Talking Out My Ass or the balls-on-a-beard gayness of Spooky Boot Toot I thought to myself, ‘This is taking an otherwise flawless idea like publishing your farts and cheapening it.’ But when I heard that he instead chose The Gastral Plane thereby employing the literary tool of Lewis Carroll’s portmanteau, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.” Hardwick, shown here in a recent photograph while pooping aboard the USS Jeremiah O’Brien, a WWII battleship docked in San Francisco’s Pier 41, went on to note, “It’s no secret that Phirm’s anosmia, or “nose retardation” has fostered a lifelong fascination with farts. It’s inspiring that he’s turned this time-wasting hobby into meaningful art.” Hardwick concluded by saying, “I don’t know why he names them, though. That fucking baffles me.”




One response

8 06 2007
Mr Jones

As Phil Collins hygienically suggested in the mid 80s…”no jacket required”. At least roll those sleeves up like Crockett & Tubbs.

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