We Thank You, John Peel! (sorry you’re too dead to hear it)

18 05 2007

So, this is old news but while trawling through the sludge of my hard drive I stumbled upon this item that, upon hearing it for the first time, was one of those moments where you can’t believe it’s happening, you feel a flush in your stomach and your testicles slightly recede into your body cavity (…ladies??). Thanks to a kindly Brit by the name of Rob Annable, our wee bluegrass Radiohead tribute “Rodeohead” was picked up by the late John Peel on a summer evening BBC 1 broadcast way back in Aught 5. Hearing a legend like John Peel actually say our name really was like one of those gay, cliche moments in any movie where a band hears their song on the radio for the first time and starts jumping up and down and screaming (though in our version, we heard it on the internet and we never got the cliche follow-up montage with the sold out gigs, the magazine clip showing our “rise up the charts,” the shunning of old friends who had supported us through the lean years and the waking up in numerous hotel suites surrounded by “partied out” nude girls).

In addition to the 46 seconds of Mr. Peel please enjoy a mid-fi version of the song that put HnP on the map—it was a map to infinite other maps each with their own realities, none of which seem to involve notoriety or cash, but a map nonetheless.
This is an image.

Or download the mp3 here, and use it to pretend your iPod is a magical box that has transported you back to the stark insignificance of 2005.




3 responses

29 05 2007
Alex Murray

I know it is gay that your manager is the only person to post something but this is still one of the coolest things I have ever heard.

25 06 2009

Thanks for sharing this! In the early eighties, I listen to John Peel’s program regularly on BFBS and recorded it in mono! Because this granted better transmission. The song is hilarious, but Peel’s voice almost makes me cry. His best moderation ever: “Now here is a German Band, they call themselves Kastrierte Philosophen — well, if that really means what I think it means…”

26 10 2009
no2self.net » Blog Archive » Rodeohead rides to the BBC

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