Lucky Strike Comedy

30 05 2007

Having grown up in a bowling center the way I did, the son of a bowling legend as I am, I was thrilled at the prospect of performing comedy in a bowling center. Yes, “center” was carefully chosen vernacular—my dad always said “bowling alley” meant the place was a dive, “bowling center” meant “classy,” even though “classy” usually means “not classy.” Last night Mike and I performed at a “Bowling Uber-Center.” Lucky Strike Lanes is in the “I guess it’s a landmark” Hollywood/Highland complex and has a weekly comedy show on Tuesdays at 10pm. It is deftly run by comics Laura Valdivia and Sarah Tiana who were both funny and charming. The room was full of actual people who weren’t, themselves, comics—a nice bonus. If you’re looking for a free show in LA on a Tuesday night, this is a good choice. The flavor of the comedy is slightly different than Comedy Death Ray or See You Next Tuesday (our normal LA stomping grounds, both @UCB), drawing more from up and comers from the Comedy Store scene, with the occasional drop-in closer set from our good friend Ian Bagg.




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