HnP Live Tonight! At a music venue, even.

31 05 2007

a digital flyer intended to promote a show
We enjoy music venues immensely. The sound systems are much more conducive to our brand of comedic pap than your average comedy venue, which usually has slightly better than a PA system that Guitar Center had in one of their you-can’t-miss-this-historic-blowout (yet bi-weekly) “sales.” This should be a fun show. I believe we get to do a long set, which is something LA doesn’t offer its comics all that often. I realize I already posted this two weeks ago and that the show info is clearly in the “Upcoming Shows” section, but I enjoy redundancy. It scratches that OCD itch in a satisfying way.

To learn more about OCD, visit your local library. Then find a light switch there and flick it on and off while counting to 8 repeatedly, or something bad will happen to you.

“Excelsior!” as the Nerds say.




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