Comedy Central Presents: Hard ‘N Phirm!

12 06 2007

We just found out that Comedy Central is going to give us our own half-hour comedy special to be taped in New York in late August. We are sincerely honored and excited by this refreshing blob of news. Thanks, CC! Also, thanks go out from our mouths to Anthony King and the UCB Theater in New York for letting us do our “skits” for the Comedy Central folks in NY as well as Scott Aukerman and the UCB-LA for the same at Comedy Death-Ray. AND obscene amounts of thanks go out to the folks who came out and watched us do many of the same bits multiple times to whittle the set into a respectable form more friendly for the TeeVee. Now you can handle anything!

We will release information as the date approaches regarding tickets for any HnP fans that may wish to attend the aforementioned proceedings. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!



7 responses

12 06 2007

I just screamed really loud and scared my mom.

12 06 2007

Congrats! Novelty music lives on! (Just kidding, AST inside-joke)

12 06 2007

I second that “scaring family members next to me” kind of excitement for this INCREDIBLE News! (I’m *totally* coming to NYC for this)



13 06 2007
Mr Jones

well done lads – very well deserved – reassuring to know there are wise heads out there willing to grant you asylum

14 06 2007

Congrats indeed! Be sure to let me know when the taping is so I can come and heckle you gently. Will Stephen Colbert be there? Let’s hit K-town afterwards.

22 06 2007

That is so exciting, congrats you guys!!! Can’t wait to hear when it’s going to air, we’ll have to have a “Hard-n-Phirm viewing party” in our town 🙂

24 06 2007


It’s tamar in NYC,

Congratulations, Sirs. As long as no catch phrases like “dee dee dee” are uttered,
I believe this could be the portal to super stardom….super HEROism, even.

So I suggest you buy capes.

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