Watch “Flight of the Conchords” tonight on HBO!

17 06 2007

Our good friends, The Flight of the Conchords, have a television show that is premiering on HBO tonight at 10:30. You should watch it. We first met Jemaine and Bret when we were all prospectors on the Klondike in the late nineteenth century. You’ll notice in the above photograph that Todd Barry has not changed his style in roughly one hundred and twenty years. The second time we met was at Bumbershoot in Seattle in 2004 and have had the pleasure of performing and hanging out with them many times since then. My favorite was an HnP/FotC combined-effort rendition of “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” by their New Zealand countrymen Crowded House at the UCB in LA one night. They are good guys and kick-assedly funny to boot. We here at Hard ‘N Phirm Industries give them a much-deserved “congratulations” and implore you to support this kind of quality programming so that good comedy may usurp the television landscape from the Mencias of the world.



2 responses

18 06 2007

Y’all should try and get in on an episode if FOTC gets picked up for a second season (y’all).

21 02 2008

it better be on for another season i freakin love that show

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