HnP Will Be Frenching in Montreal

22 06 2007

This sensationalist headline of attempted journalist trickery refers to an earlier Phirm post about tongue-kissing, however, I have cleverly used it as a pun in which to inform you, the blog viewer, that we have been asked to perform at the 2007 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, North America, Earth. We won’t be making out and we don’t actually speak French, so that’s where the pun really falls apart. In any case, we are as thrilled as tickled babies. The complete show info is here.

We haven’t had much time for comedy blogging and such, as we have been feverishly working on our upcoming Super Deluxe video shoot. We’ve been in a professional recording studio all day and will be for the next two days laying down the music tracks. It has been much fun and several times I could feel my testicles recede sightly into my lower abdomen. Our thanks go out to our good friends Stonehoney who have agreed to help us “hick it up” a bit.

And finally, we may have some super-kick-ass show announcements for July and August, so please kill a minute of your day by checking in with us in the coming week. As always, you’re nice!




One response

22 06 2007
Monsieur Jones

C’est Formidable, Mes Amis! But think carefully before allowing your manager to translate your name for the marketing material. I see from my dictionary that that your title translates as “dur et solide”. This might mean locally:
“stale n stout”
“stiff n tight”
“bitter n massive”
or “hard-boiled n well-built”

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