Free HnP show tonight at the Hollywood Improv @ 10pm!

25 07 2007

If you find yourself bored this evening with the means and energy to transport yourself somewhere in the L.A. area, please feel invited to watch us do some of our Hard ‘N Phirm comedy business this evening. In order to get the free tix, send an email to and mention us. Here are some details that might make your commute smoother:

Wednesday, July 25th
Hollywood Improv
8162 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046


Hard ‘N Phirm @ Comic-Con

12 07 2007

Huzzah! First off, I, Chris Hardwick, will be paneling on Saturday the 28th from 12:30-1:30 with director Steve Oedekirk and producer Jed Spingarn at Bigger, Better, Bolder: Nickelodeon‚Äôs New CG Comedies, re: the TV version of Barnyard, on which I am a talking cow. Later that day, Phirm and I will be performing at Comic Book Club at 7:30. CBC is a weekly comic book chat in New York hosted by Justin Tyler, Alex Zalben, and Pete LePage, and they have been gracious enough to ask us to do some songs. When Sarah Silverman’s panel gets too full, please make us your fallback plan. More details for the days events can be absorbed here.

We are nerds. Comic-Con is a nerd-themed event. Ergo, we are as pleased as Romulan Punch to be involved.

4 New Songs Recorded, Titles Released

6 07 2007

The heading of this post almost says it all, except for the cliffhangy promise of song titles. Phirm and I will be filming videos to go along with these songs for SuperDeluxe, as was outlined in an earlier and dare I say, delightful, post. The songs were recorded, mixed and engineered at Carriage House in Silver Lake, CA by a good bloke by the name of Sheldon Gomberg, a god-like bass player who studied with the great Ray Brown, and who has toured with folks like Willie Nelson, Ricky Lee Jones and Warren Zevon.

So here are those titles, and boy are they titles: Holes, Death of the King, Trace Elements and Naturally Selected. It’s nice when a promise is delivered. That’s the kind of reliable promise-delivery we here at HnP Industries strive to maintain which is why our motto just became, “The Promise-Delivery People—We Promise.” We expect to start rolling these babies out mid-August…and that’s a promise¬©.

Please sign up for our email list to be the first person on your longitude to see them.

Thom Yorke and Weird Al Working on Album Together

5 07 2007

Well, the naysayers definitely got fudged in the buns on this one. It turns out that not only are Weird Al and Thom Yorke friends, but they are apparently collaborating on an album. Representatives from both camps were hesitant to confirm this rumor but hinted that “Yorke Enjoys Sandwiches.” Sources close to both parties leaked that the main hold-up has to do with figuring out how to discourage American tabloids from using the moniker “Yorkovic” as the name mash-up that will no doubt be used to chart the duo’s unholy union. We here at HnP Industries believe that all people’s private business should be exposed because the public has rights. The following is a super-secret clip, from a recent super-secret show: