4 New Songs Recorded, Titles Released

6 07 2007

The heading of this post almost says it all, except for the cliffhangy promise of song titles. Phirm and I will be filming videos to go along with these songs for SuperDeluxe, as was outlined in an earlier and dare I say, delightful, post. The songs were recorded, mixed and engineered at Carriage House in Silver Lake, CA by a good bloke by the name of Sheldon Gomberg, a god-like bass player who studied with the great Ray Brown, and who has toured with folks like Willie Nelson, Ricky Lee Jones and Warren Zevon.

So here are those titles, and boy are they titles: Holes, Death of the King, Trace Elements and Naturally Selected. It’s nice when a promise is delivered. That’s the kind of reliable promise-delivery we here at HnP Industries strive to maintain which is why our motto just became, “The Promise-Delivery People—We Promise.” We expect to start rolling these babies out mid-August…and that’s a promise©.

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2 responses

11 07 2007
Mike Diehl

“Holes” — perfectly titled (but, regrettably, a bit too late) to catch the attention of one Chenard Walcker, who mixed and mashed a number of songs of said theme for his “Holes” EP (freely downloadable, CD cover art included):


23 02 2008

I can’t wait to hear the songs – I just hope my spam filter doesn’t discard anything from “Hard N Phirm”.

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