Hard ‘N Phirm @ Comic-Con

12 07 2007

Huzzah! First off, I, Chris Hardwick, will be paneling on Saturday the 28th from 12:30-1:30 with director Steve Oedekirk and producer Jed Spingarn at Bigger, Better, Bolder: Nickelodeon’s New CG Comedies, re: the TV version of Barnyard, on which I am a talking cow. Later that day, Phirm and I will be performing at Comic Book Club at 7:30. CBC is a weekly comic book chat in New York hosted by Justin Tyler, Alex Zalben, and Pete LePage, and they have been gracious enough to ask us to do some songs. When Sarah Silverman’s panel gets too full, please make us your fallback plan. More details for the days events can be absorbed here.

We are nerds. Comic-Con is a nerd-themed event. Ergo, we are as pleased as Romulan Punch to be involved.




8 responses

28 07 2007

Hey guys. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your songs at the panel tonight. Great job! That panel was seriously the highlight of my day because of your performance. Maybe I’ll see you again next year, or if you ever make it up to Seattle.

29 07 2007

My friends and I only went to your panel
so we could have a seat for the next one
and you guys totally won us over and made
a bunch of new fans.
That Corazon song was awesome!

29 07 2007

I totally only crashed that Panel to watch go to the Buffy event but you know what you’re the funniest SOBs I’ve ever seen. I’ll defiantly try and see you guys next time you’re at the improvand bring my friends.

30 07 2007

Just like Andrew I was there for the Buffy event but your performance ended up being the highlight of my day at Comic Con. Seriously…the PI song. Thanks for the healthy dose of Awesome.

30 07 2007

I am another person that was at the panel only because I wanted seats for the Buffy screening, but you guys stole the show! You are great and I loved the Corazon song!

31 07 2007

I went to that panel just to see you guys and Buffy the vampire slayer totally won me over…
Did anyone go because they actually wanted to see Comic Book Club???

4 08 2007
tim seeley

I went to the panel cuz I wanted to talk about myself, but you guys were totally way funnier, and the Buffy fans made me nervous anyway.

5 11 2007
No Name

That Corazon song was awesome!

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