Free HnP show tonight at the Hollywood Improv @ 10pm!

25 07 2007

If you find yourself bored this evening with the means and energy to transport yourself somewhere in the L.A. area, please feel invited to watch us do some of our Hard ‘N Phirm comedy business this evening. In order to get the free tix, send an email to and mention us. Here are some details that might make your commute smoother:

Wednesday, July 25th
Hollywood Improv
8162 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046




3 responses

26 07 2007

Heyy guys
You were both really great tnite at the improv (7/25/07). and i deff went out of my way to find your website to let u guys know that you really improvized amazingly well with 5 dalla guy haha. we all wanted to kik his ass, dont wrry. and lastly, i would like to tell mike phirman that he has the best smile ever so keep smiling..and good job on the harmonies 🙂

26 07 2007

Thanks! I’ll let Mike just read your comment about his smile. It might sound awkward coming from me.

27 07 2007

Hey thanks!

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