Brand New HnP Video on Super Deluxe! Just in time for Elvis’s Deathiversary!

16 08 2007

CPBS -- Science Y'all!

Episode One of our new SuperDeluxe series “CPBS” (or, the Country Public Broadcasting System) is up—and not a decade too late!

This episode—The Death of the King—features the animation of Divya Srinivasan, the musical accompaniment of country music’s finest, Stonehoney, the always insane (in the good way) Eddie Pepitone, a crowd of kids, and of course, the ‘E’ in ‘decEased’: Elvis Presley.

More thanks must be showered upon Jerry Payne, Tom Davenport, Joel Miller and dzarecta for some excellent decomposition footage, because what’s death without decomposition?

Comedy Central Presents: Hard ‘N Phirm Ticket Info

13 08 2007

Hey you! Why not come to the taping of our first Comedy Central stand-up special in New York on Sunday, August 26th at 6pm? If you don’t have a “Because I…” answer, then follow this link and we’ll see you there!