Feinglass Gets Phirmed!

1 09 2007

What’s been going on? Oh, nothin. It’s been hot. New York was fun; the taping went well. Oh, and—wait, did I not tell you?—I got married.  That’s right, married.  Against the advice of friends, family, and legal counsel, a very nice girl has agreed to be my wife.

The wedding took place in June, just before the honeymoon. And now, because it’s silly and because it’s only three minutes long, I’d like to present, for your personal enjoyment, The Official Wedding Invitation that we mailed out as DVDs.




5 responses

2 09 2007
Mr Jones

Very amusing video, Mike. Nice to hear the old Benny Hill music at the end there. But most importantly, very many congratulations to you both.

3 09 2007

congrats! and what a brilliantly executed unique and funny video! *clap clap*

7 09 2007

Never got to buy you that Pottery Barn Tuscan Dinnerware Dildo set. Oh well. Belated congrats of course. Smashing!

6 10 2007

Congratulations! And I have to say that is one of the more fantastic invitations I have ever seen.

5 11 2007
No Name

Very amusing video

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