Inspired by Radiohead… Again!

8 10 2007

If you weren’t aware, Hard ‘N Phirm operate on one simple formula: do what Radiohead would doif they were us.

Now, in two days, the greatest band in the world is going to release their album for free on their website. So! We thought the least we could do to get into the spirit of things would be to make our Radiohead tribute track, “Rodeohead”, available for free.  And so…

Take it! You can forward it to your friends… you can give it to your mom… you can burn it onto a CD, microwave it into goop, then come back and get it again—it’s yours!

Ah, it’s a good time to be alive (provided you have internet access, like Radiohead, and aren’t currently faced with any serious threats).




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14 10 2007
Mr Jones

As you will now have discovered guys, the great Head have not offered their latest work of art for free; they seek a reasonable settlement. I am now standing in my burnt shell of a kitchen due to the negligent failure to add to your “free download” the essential cinnamon roll cooking-time warnings included on your CD. In line with the Head’s policy, I will be accepting reasonable offers of compensation. My advice to others….just buy the brilliant CD. Cheap at any price.

30 10 2007

definitely brought a smile to my face.

10 11 2007
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21 01 2008

I’m late to the party but damn I’m glad I made it!

All I can say is:


And from west L.A. boys too! That’s awesome.

12 03 2010
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[…] a fine podcast in his own right (The Nerdist), and is one-half of Hard ‘N Phirm (who gave us Rodeohead), so Singled Out should be viewed as his “Director of videos for Michael Jackson’s […]

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