El Rey!

6 12 2007


Last night’s El Rey show with Ask A Ninja and Patton Oswalt was FANTASTIC. The theater was jammed, the audience was worked into a foamy froth and we had an absolute blast. Thanks so much to Kent and the Ninja for putting on such a stellar event. The Ninja was on fire, Patton was his usual gale-force of comedy and Olivia Munn, my new co-worker at G4, was a kick-ass hostess. Another blob of appreciation goes out to our pal Dragon Boy Suede, who showed up to rap his part during "Pi." The makeshift nerd-thrill meter I hastily constructed out of a Gaussmeter and an old calculator registered an "E" on the LCD from sheer overload. If you were there, thank you! You brought it!




5 responses

6 12 2007

I agree; the show was awesome! A wonderful time was had by all (although I’m pretty sure the El Rey was trying to bake the audience alive; it was pretty damn toasty down there by the end).

6 12 2007

That was my first time seeing you guys. Loved the show, loved the songs. Great job!

But did you really have to use the term “faggot” twice?? Really??

6 12 2007

I was there it you boys rocked it. It was a good good time.

11 12 2007

Glad to hear that you’re going to be an AOTS fixture in the future – seeing you on there the last couple weeks has been pretty damn cool and I think it suits you well! Rock on.

11 12 2007

To be fair, it was really Toby Keith who said the other “faggot.”

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