Buy Flight of the Conchords Right Now!

22 04 2008

Our pals Bret and Jemaine have finally released their full length album and we here at HnP Industries are thrilled. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon, we don’t give a care…just buy it. Not only are they the nicest guys you could hope to meet, but they are incredibly talented and funny and continue to raise the bar for musical comedy. Their immense success and legions of fans only support what Mike and I have known for years…Well done, Chaps!


HnP on “Attack of the Show” Wednesday!

1 04 2008

Weeeeell, I’ve been co-hosting Attack all week while Kevin and Olivia are basking in the warm Jamaican sun, but well protected from high SPF sun-block and a thick cloud of pot smoke. The producers were kind enough to ask us to perform (I swear I didn’t ask) live on the show and so it shall be. On Wednesday at 4pm West Coast, 7pm East Coast we will be smearing your analog airwaves with “Trace Elements,” our first country/science song. Please like it. That is all.