Buy Flight of the Conchords Right Now!

22 04 2008

Our pals Bret and Jemaine have finally released their full length album and we here at HnP Industries are thrilled. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon, we don’t give a care…just buy it. Not only are they the nicest guys you could hope to meet, but they are incredibly talented and funny and continue to raise the bar for musical comedy. Their immense success and legions of fans only support what Mike and I have known for years…Well done, Chaps!




2 responses

18 05 2008

they’ve just blown into a phenomenon haven’ they?

22 11 2008
Emily "Pirka" Bricker

Wow, you guys actually know Bret and Jemaine personally? That’s so awesome…tell them they’re awesome… *blush* And my family loves the show, my favourite song is ‘Leggy Blonde’. A close second ‘Robot Song’.

Also, you guys did the song ‘Pi’! That’s how I found the blog…I learned the first 5 digits of Pi with that song.

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