Join Us… Over Here.

9 02 2009

Hello!  Ready for a link to our Facebook band page?  Too bad:

(I hope you said “no”, otherwise what I wrote up there—that “Too bad”—doesn’t really make sense.  Hopefully you were distracted by all the pictures and such at the new Facebook band page, and didn’t notice the fallacy.

Of course, if you did say “no”… why?  I mean, I know the joke’s based on it, but, really, what’s up?  Do you just not like Facebook?  I get that, I suppose, especially if you’re a hardcore MySpace fan and have been fighting the migration to Facebook.  Which brings up something I hadn’t thought about:  what if you don’t have a Facebook account?  God, I hadn’t considered that.  Well, if that’s the case, well… of course you don’t feel ready—you’ve got a whole bunch of stuff to do.  We’ve just given you a chore.  You have to sign up for Facebook—pick out a name, upload a picture, decide what you want people to think your favorite films are, &c.  That’s a lot to throw at someone who just wanted to see what “Hard ‘n Phirm” was.  You didn’t know you’d have to sign up for anything.  You were definitely NOT ready for a link to our Facebook band page.

But you know what?  Knowing you, person reading the Internet, even though you don’t think you’re ready… you are.  You are ready.  I really believe that.  So go ahead… click it.)