Hard ‘n Phirm Video: TRACE ELEMENTS

14 09 2009

This is the second video in our Country Public Broadcasting System series. A few years ago, Brian Posehn called me and challenged HnP to make fun
of a Country singer named Trace Adkins. “It’s not possible, because
he’s such a redneck,” he said. Our solution was to make Adkins’
style of music about science, a topic rarely covered in the Country

Special thanks to Neil Mahoney, who directed the live action part of
the video, Josh Fadem who was kind enough to appear in it, and our old friends Stonehoney for spending the day recording  with us.
If you like it, by all means pass it along—be warned though, there is foul language afoot so keep it out of reach of the little ones.

Science, Y’all!!!