Chris HARDwick aNd Mike PHIRMan’s work has been downloaded millions of times over from the vast expanse of Earth’s Internet. They also regularly perform in front of people, sometimes at such highly-touted venues as the Improv, the Punch Line, the Aspen Comedy Festival, Seattle’s celebrated Bumbershoot Festival, SxSW and Coachella. They’ve also appeared inside your home via ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, MTV, and VH1’s I Love the [insert Generation X Demographic Era].

Hard ‘N Phirm are both able and eager to display their comedy wares with a non-stop hilarity smoothie of stand-up comedy, music and video.

They currently reside in Los Angeles and are nice.


35 responses

24 05 2007
Elijah Rutledge

We would love to have your comedy on our site http://www.sms.ac . You guys have some great material and we would love to give you the opportunity to share it with our 50 million members in an ad-free environment. I would be happy to assist you with setting up a channel on our site. I look forward to hearing back from you.


5 09 2007
liz mahoney

Chris Hardwick is a sexy mutha. I used to fantasize about him while watching Singled Out when I was in middle school. I just saw him on VH1 and I was like, “where have you been all my life?” . Well I am married now, but that could easily be changed. Oh, and you guys are totally hilarious. Rock out.

27 10 2007

Thanks, Chris, for hosting Wired Science, and bringing another rational voice to a wacked-out religious nation.

And I agree with Liz. Jenny may have been more over-the-top on Singled Out, but you stole the show, and you’re still one boyishly sexy dude. But I kinda miss your moppy hair and the way you sometimes tucked in your sweaters, and can’t find any photos to remember you by! Please – send me a pic of 90s tucked-in Chris!

6 11 2007
Erik Anderson

How come you guys only have three comments up? You guys are way too cool to have only three comments. Maybe you guys go back and delete the crappy ones. Is this one of the crappy ones?

24 11 2007

I love ham

8 01 2008

I found your Radiohead medley on some random music blog a few years ago and promptly amazed all of my dorky friends with it. But it was only a few weeks ago that I realized the song was not from some one-hit-wonder bluegrass band. You guys are tricky!

25 01 2008
Adam Knapp

Hey, I’m actually watching you guys on Comedy Central right now… Are you working with Keith on any of this?

25 01 2008

Just saw the Comedy Central show and I hope you guys will hit Kentucky sometime soon, Great show!

26 01 2008

I just found out about you guys tonight while watching your special. Where the hell have I been?? You guys are funny. Come to socal sometime soon.

26 01 2008

where can i find sheet music or chords for your sappy love song?

26 01 2008

My husband and I just saw you guys on Comedy Centeral. You are hilarious (I have no idea if I spelled that right, oh well). Can I seroulsly get a melodica (again, no clue about the spelling) on Ebay for $8? By the way, loved the American Dinosaur song. Do you plan on coming down to Phoenix?

27 01 2008

I love you guys first off all. Second, I can’t find the “not illegal” song anywhere, and I want to use it as a checklist (next time I see the president, a fart will be going his way). I hope I see you two in Jersey soon

2 02 2008

Thanks for not Following me home(You pointed in my general Area dring the “NOT ILLEGAL” Song)

2 02 2008

Holy $H!T you’re Oliver Queen, I pretend to be Hal Jordan, I’m curently waring 4 Green Lantern Rings, that’s Fraqing Awesome. Hey how doyou guy’ feel aboutthe whole Captain America being Dead thing, I mean you guys seam patriotic, expecially during your AMERICAN DINOSAUR song.

5 02 2008

I love you.
I love cute geeks that make me laugh that hard.
Please, please hurt me more!

10 02 2008
Caitlin Kincannon

You two sexy beasts are the BEST! I would do ANYTHING for you to autograph my guitar! please!?!?!!!

23 02 2008

You guys are amazing. It is thanks to you that I learned the first hundred digits of Pi by heart. (But I can only repeat it if I sing it.)
PLEASE, for the love of God, PLEASE play a show in Michigan! And not in Detroit or Flint, but a place that one can go without fear! We love you here!

25 02 2008

I am so absolutely in love with you guys. Actually, I have only seen one episode of your show. But Hard is totally my one true love. My absolute favorite song of all time is “Not illegal”. I swear, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. My dream is to see you guys perform in real-life. I love you sooooooooo much.

25 02 2008

You guys need to come to MIchigan or Ohio or somewhere around there.

1 03 2008

You guys are silly as hell. I can’t wait to see your new stuff.

“You’ve got
EYES inside of your eyehooolles,
you’ve got
LIPS infront of your teeeeeeth,
you’ve got
leee-iii-eeee, iii-eeee, iii-eeee, iii-eeee, iii-eeee, iii-eeee, iii-eeee, iii-eeegs!”

16 03 2008

Chris can you talk to the guys at PBS to show Wired science in Virginia, I’ve seen some of the stuff on Youtube and just thought that it’ll be cool because since Attack of the Show got Munn on there I’ve been out of a Week-Daily show that talks about geeky and sciency stuff.
Happy Pi Day, Dr.Hal Jordan

2 04 2008

I wish I had known about you guys earlier, you’re soo funny! Ever come out to the East Coast? We need some funny and sense out here in the bible belt!!! Eeek!!!

7 04 2008

And we need Funny out in the “Ninja’s with Chainsaw Nunchaku” belt, We don’t go outside after 7, not after larry lost his Jijudum.

2 05 2008

WOW, my last post had everything, a Dr.McNinja Reference, a Will Ferrel Reference and even a reference to ReBoot. I miss that show so much.

14 05 2008

Better than Double posting, Triple posting……………… I’m lonely

19 05 2008

Puts you L’s around my B’s and just S & S & S ’em.

7 07 2008
Flip Williams

We want your instrument… and permission to perform your awesome comedic stylings at our talent show. Mind you, it’s in a year… but we ask now.. Specifically, the pi song… Keep it nice and hard as Flip Williams… so we can have babies… >.>…. <.<……

16 07 2008

It’s been a while, but I’m posting again, I’m eating Tabletop soups alot, thats really the only thing I have to say, I’ll post later in about 6 weeks.

24 08 2008

Well I’m not eating Soups anymore. Not that I don’t like them, but it’s hot and I don’t like cold soup, and yeah….. My balls get hot….
I still think you guys are awesome.

31 12 2008

I like your melodica Chris

6 04 2009

Hey, it’s Lemphek here from Australia

Some friends and myself are really into The Pi Song, and would like to do an innoficial cover. If you could email us the lyrics, I’d love to show you what we come up with. Much respect.

Cheers, Josh Lemphek

6 04 2009

Gladly! Check your email…

16 08 2009

Wow, it’s almost been a year since my last post.
Probably cause I’m now making annoying post on other people’s websites, that or I’ve realized that it’s foolish to continue doing this.
I’d prefer to think it’s B, but it’s really C.
I don’t know what C is, but hell, it’s better than being Red.

29 12 2009

hi there hard n phirm..

i live alone in a small church in rural australia and will spend the next 7 years chasing a phd in astrophysics. couldn’t add fractions two years ago. finished uber-math exams last month. just found out i topped the state.. (huh?!) so i’m consumed with gratitude for the things that got me through.. science comedy music is perty scarce and i just wanted to tell you i fucking love what you do.. imma be surrounded by hoardes of square, coddled, pulseless code monkeys for the next half a decade.. so thankyou. it’s 29 different kinds of awesome to have evidence that getting into science does not mean your personality gets cancer.

plus that pi song is great when you’re tripping balls

the vagenius

10 02 2010

i absolutely love the literal love song you performed on comedy central presents inspired by the savage garden but i quit paying for cable and now i can’t find that video anywhere online. suggestions?

also, i would like chris hardwick to send me his digits so we can sext. he’s my dream dude.

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