buy the shit out of me!

Please don’t be afraid to own a hard copy of our CD, Horses and Grasses !

If you are gripped by the overwhelming fear of possessing a real object coupled with the human tendency toward instant gratification, feel free to download us on iTunes.


14 responses

13 11 2007
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

I actually bought this on iTunes, and again in person… The problem with real things is that I lose them.. I shall have to look again..

25 01 2008

You guys need to get Comedy Central to put up your album on emusic!!!!!!!! Or I could just put out a little effort and get it free from some torrent… You rock on Attack of the Show Chris!!!

25 01 2008

Why is the “Not Illegal” song not on the album?!? I’m a lawyer, and I’d LOVE to play that song for my legally-minded friends.

It actually reminds me of the first day of crim law. Scary, huh?

26 01 2008

You guys need to get your full album up on itunes, i looked at the track list on wikipedia vs. the tracks available on itunes and theres like 2 or 3 missing…

27 01 2008

If you have a dvd coming soon, I’ll definately get it.

8 03 2008

Sup you guys rule

3 07 2008

This is great stuff. I’ll keep an eye out for tour dates or a dvd in the future.

26 10 2008

I got this album on iTunes the other day, and i can’t stop listening to it. Amazing work guys.

2 11 2008

Thanks David! And everybody before! (I just realized we could respond to these.)

2 11 2008

When are “Not Illegal” and “Def Poetry Spam” coming out on an album? Hell, even an EP of unreleased songs you’re doing would be good.

12 12 2008

u guys need to come out with a dvd

31 12 2008

I love the intro to rodeohead I keep listening to and i love the part where it has Mackie saying Im crapping on my farts.

31 12 2008

I’m sorry about the bad grammar I ment and I keep listening to that track. Cds pwn downloads.

27 05 2009

I own this and I absolutely love it. Great buy.

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