3 07 2008

Nerdist.comGood evening. It’s me, Mike. I’m taking a quick break from showering so that I can tell you about a website that you are going to enjoy, then bookmark, and then enjoy regularly. Note: I am not being paid to promote this. (However, if anyone has anything they want me to promote, just make the check out to “cash” and tell me which camera to urge into.)

For the past few weeks, my friend Chris Hardwick (member of television’s Hard ‘N Phirm (feat. television’s Chris Hardwick)) has been producing a site devoted to exploring and bringing to your world the weirdest and funniest elements that make up the Techosphere. It’s called, very simply: NERDIST.COM.

My two cents* — it’s very funny and it deserves your turning your life over to it. It’s taught me that underneath all our slick, hip, incredibly sexy surfaces… we’re all wearing dork birthday suits. (If I were a real writer, this is where I’d add, “So, leave that cool exterior at the door and get ready to join the Nerdist Colony.”)

Be sure to read July 1’s “Awkward Hands Calhoun…”. It’s great.

Nice work, Hardwick!

* which I received for promoting danzanravjaa.org (thanks Mongolian exchange rate!)

Buy Flight of the Conchords Right Now!

22 04 2008

Our pals Bret and Jemaine have finally released their full length album and we here at HnP Industries are thrilled. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon, we don’t give a care…just buy it. Not only are they the nicest guys you could hope to meet, but they are incredibly talented and funny and continue to raise the bar for musical comedy. Their immense success and legions of fans only support what Mike and I have known for years…Well done, Chaps!

HnP on “Attack of the Show” Wednesday!

1 04 2008

Weeeeell, I’ve been co-hosting Attack all week while Kevin and Olivia are basking in the warm Jamaican sun, but well protected from high SPF sun-block and a thick cloud of pot smoke. The producers were kind enough to ask us to perform (I swear I didn’t ask) live on the show and so it shall be. On Wednesday at 4pm West Coast, 7pm East Coast we will be smearing your analog airwaves with “Trace Elements,” our first country/science song. Please like it. That is all.

El Superbeasto

15 02 2008

About two years ago, Rob Zombie asked us to write a theme song based on his luchador comic book hero “El Superbeasto.” We didn’t hear anything about it for a while so we just assumed that he wasn’t that crazy about the song but was too nice to say, “Hey, that really sucked it.” It turns out this was not the case at all…having just returned from touring with Ozzy a few weeks ago, Rob called me and said, “Hey, do you have that Superbeasto theme song lying around?” Of course I did…in my hope chest…under a wish for an iPhone copy-and-paste function and a U.S. Alan Partridge series. The next day he called back and said, “Your theme song fits really well. Would you like to write pretty much all the songs?” FUCK YES WE WOULD. And so it is. Phirm and I are in the process of writing the songs for Rob Zombie presents: The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (now fortified with Hard ‘n Phirm). We’ve seen a bunch of footage and it is FANTASTIC. Flop on over to the official site or join the MySpace page.

¡Viva Rob Zombie!


25 01 2008

We wanted to embed stuff from Comedy Central’s website from our special but WordPress doesn’t allow that sort of code all up in its business…I shall therefore direct you to my blog

I’d like to thank Typepad for being a much sluttier “anything goes” blogging platform.


El Rey!

6 12 2007


Last night’s El Rey show with Ask A Ninja and Patton Oswalt was FANTASTIC. The theater was jammed, the audience was worked into a foamy froth and we had an absolute blast. Thanks so much to Kent and the Ninja for putting on such a stellar event. The Ninja was on fire, Patton was his usual gale-force of comedy and Olivia Munn, my new co-worker at G4, was a kick-ass hostess. Another blob of appreciation goes out to our pal Dragon Boy Suede, who showed up to rap his part during "Pi." The makeshift nerd-thrill meter I hastily constructed out of a Gaussmeter and an old calculator registered an "E" on the LCD from sheer overload. If you were there, thank you! You brought it!

Thanks, Ben!

8 11 2007

I would like to thank our good friend, Ben Kharakh, whose name is not only ALMOST a palindrome, but who also was kind enough to do a Q & A type interview with me about Wired Science and the future of HnP.

Read the story here.

Wired Science on PBS!

29 09 2007

I’ve been hosting a sciencey news show for Wired Magazine. It premieres Wednesday, October 3rd at 8pm on PBS. The official show page is here. Sciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiience!!!

Hard ‘N Phirm @ Comic-Con

12 07 2007

Huzzah! First off, I, Chris Hardwick, will be paneling on Saturday the 28th from 12:30-1:30 with director Steve Oedekirk and producer Jed Spingarn at Bigger, Better, Bolder: Nickelodeon’s New CG Comedies, re: the TV version of Barnyard, on which I am a talking cow. Later that day, Phirm and I will be performing at Comic Book Club at 7:30. CBC is a weekly comic book chat in New York hosted by Justin Tyler, Alex Zalben, and Pete LePage, and they have been gracious enough to ask us to do some songs. When Sarah Silverman’s panel gets too full, please make us your fallback plan. More details for the days events can be absorbed here.

We are nerds. Comic-Con is a nerd-themed event. Ergo, we are as pleased as Romulan Punch to be involved.

4 New Songs Recorded, Titles Released

6 07 2007

The heading of this post almost says it all, except for the cliffhangy promise of song titles. Phirm and I will be filming videos to go along with these songs for SuperDeluxe, as was outlined in an earlier and dare I say, delightful, post. The songs were recorded, mixed and engineered at Carriage House in Silver Lake, CA by a good bloke by the name of Sheldon Gomberg, a god-like bass player who studied with the great Ray Brown, and who has toured with folks like Willie Nelson, Ricky Lee Jones and Warren Zevon.

So here are those titles, and boy are they titles: Holes, Death of the King, Trace Elements and Naturally Selected. It’s nice when a promise is delivered. That’s the kind of reliable promise-delivery we here at HnP Industries strive to maintain which is why our motto just became, “The Promise-Delivery People—We Promise.” We expect to start rolling these babies out mid-August…and that’s a promise©.

Please sign up for our email list to be the first person on your longitude to see them.