El Rey!

6 12 2007


Last night’s El Rey show with Ask A Ninja and Patton Oswalt was FANTASTIC. The theater was jammed, the audience was worked into a foamy froth and we had an absolute blast. Thanks so much to Kent and the Ninja for putting on such a stellar event. The Ninja was on fire, Patton was his usual gale-force of comedy and Olivia Munn, my new co-worker at G4, was a kick-ass hostess. Another blob of appreciation goes out to our pal Dragon Boy Suede, who showed up to rap his part during "Pi." The makeshift nerd-thrill meter I hastily constructed out of a Gaussmeter and an old calculator registered an "E" on the LCD from sheer overload. If you were there, thank you! You brought it!


HnP Asks a Ninja

18 11 2007


It seems that the Ninja has been asked so many questions that he, himself, needed to be the inquisitor for a change. The question: “Hard ‘n Phirm, would you like to participate in Ninja Day 2007 at the El Rey Theater on December 5th?” The answer was a resounding and respectful, “Hai!” Please join us, a Ninja and Patton Oswalt for a night of music, comedy and supreme killing techniques.

Click here to exchange money for tickets.

Free HnP show tonight at the Hollywood Improv @ 10pm!

25 07 2007

If you find yourself bored this evening with the means and energy to transport yourself somewhere in the L.A. area, please feel invited to watch us do some of our Hard ‘N Phirm comedy business this evening. In order to get the free tix, send an email to guestlist@comedyjuice.com and mention us. Here are some details that might make your commute smoother:

Wednesday, July 25th
Hollywood Improv
8162 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Thom Yorke and Weird Al Working on Album Together

5 07 2007

Well, the naysayers definitely got fudged in the buns on this one. It turns out that not only are Weird Al and Thom Yorke friends, but they are apparently collaborating on an album. Representatives from both camps were hesitant to confirm this rumor but hinted that “Yorke Enjoys Sandwiches.” Sources close to both parties leaked that the main hold-up has to do with figuring out how to discourage American tabloids from using the moniker “Yorkovic” as the name mash-up that will no doubt be used to chart the duo’s unholy union. We here at HnP Industries believe that all people’s private business should be exposed because the public has rights. The following is a super-secret clip, from a recent super-secret show:


‘Get Luckie’ Pix

3 06 2007

These photos were taken by our new friend Brian Putnam at 3 of Clubs in Hollywood on Thursday. The show was a blast and the club offered us a residency for a couple of months…more details on that later. Also playing that night was a delightful band called The Brendan Hines.

Originally uploaded by BrianPixs.

HnP Live Tonight! At a music venue, even.

31 05 2007

a digital flyer intended to promote a show
We enjoy music venues immensely. The sound systems are much more conducive to our brand of comedic pap than your average comedy venue, which usually has slightly better than a PA system that Guitar Center had in one of their you-can’t-miss-this-historic-blowout (yet bi-weekly) “sales.” This should be a fun show. I believe we get to do a long set, which is something LA doesn’t offer its comics all that often. I realize I already posted this two weeks ago and that the show info is clearly in the “Upcoming Shows” section, but I enjoy redundancy. It scratches that OCD itch in a satisfying way.

To learn more about OCD, visit your local library. Then find a light switch there and flick it on and off while counting to 8 repeatedly, or something bad will happen to you.

“Excelsior!” as the Nerds say.

Lucky Strike Comedy

30 05 2007

Having grown up in a bowling center the way I did, the son of a bowling legend as I am, I was thrilled at the prospect of performing comedy in a bowling center. Yes, “center” was carefully chosen vernacular—my dad always said “bowling alley” meant the place was a dive, “bowling center” meant “classy,” even though “classy” usually means “not classy.” Last night Mike and I performed at a “Bowling Uber-Center.” Lucky Strike Lanes is in the “I guess it’s a landmark” Hollywood/Highland complex and has a weekly comedy show on Tuesdays at 10pm. It is deftly run by comics Laura Valdivia and Sarah Tiana who were both funny and charming. The room was full of actual people who weren’t, themselves, comics—a nice bonus. If you’re looking for a free show in LA on a Tuesday night, this is a good choice. The flavor of the comedy is slightly different than Comedy Death Ray or See You Next Tuesday (our normal LA stomping grounds, both @UCB), drawing more from up and comers from the Comedy Store scene, with the occasional drop-in closer set from our good friend Ian Bagg.