HnP Film Vault

31 05 2007

This is the lobby card from a film we made in the 1930s. The film would be considered “politically incorrect” due to the increased sensitivity of monster/Sikh relations in today’s political climate.

Dr. Phil: Good

29 05 2007

I’m going to catch a lot of grief for this, but I actually have a little bit of respect for Dr. Phil after seeing the new opening to his show.

Watch it here, in its entirety (open in I.E. if no sound)

A Bumper Sticker for Tomorrow

21 05 2007

Real Americans are not afraid to say it:


12 05 2007

For your moment’s entertainment, here’s something Phirm did a little while ago for a Fark photoshop contest.  It’s a behind-the-scenes look into the private life of the Tamagotchi.