14 06 2007

So! (OR)


The Power of Christ Compels You.

1 06 2007

Feel the Power
We took this photo last year while doing a show in Quincy, Illinois, site of the infamous sixth Lincoln/Douglas Debate in 1858. That’s right! The SIXTH debate! Your favorite! This little power hub not only must supply its neighbor with unlimited electricity to do as He commandeth, but a possible subsequent tumorous growth in the shape of the Blessed Mother on some lucky churchgoer could be a boon for the Quincy Bureau of Tourism.

Ancient Watermills Unearthed

17 05 2007

The object in Phirm’s right hand is something we found in Seattle from a vendor who sells kits to build miniature structures out of balsa, Nature’s wussiest wood. This particular kit is for the watermill, which everyone knows is a structure that uses a water wheel or turbine to drive a mechanical process such as flour or lumber production. While many mill scholars would agree that the watermill is “a really old” device, few are aware that its origins actually date back all the way to the early Cretaceous, as the kit packaging suggests.

Coachella ’07

8 05 2007

We were fortunate enough to perform with the Comedians of Comedy at Coachella this year. The turn out for the show was a couple thousand, and they were attentive and fantastic–not what I would have expected from a music festival trying to absorb comedy into its fold. In the isolating quarantine of the artists’ sector we spied such glimmering stars as Rufus Wainwright and the uncomfortably skinny Amy Winehouse. Thanks to Patton Oswalt who asked us to take part in this super kick-ass experience.