“Horses and Grasses” Back on iTunes!

2 01 2008


After several months, Hard ‘n Phirm’s digibum (digital album? That word sucks, I know. I just made it up. Spread it around and make it a “thing.”) has re-appeared on iTunes. It was removed after we signed a distribution deal with Comedy Central Records, who put it back up a couple of weeks ago. Returning to the digibum is the track “Funkhauser,” which had been plucked off some time ago at the request of Peter Farrelly. He had intended to use it in a film and wanted us to take it down for a while. Pete’s such a nice dude that we had no problem doing so, but the prospect of the song being used didn’t pan out. It happens. I still love that guy.

Well, what are you still doing here reading boring backstory? Get out there and download!