Hard ‘n Phirm Video: TRACE ELEMENTS

14 09 2009

This is the second video in our Country Public Broadcasting System series. A few years ago, Brian Posehn called me and challenged HnP to make fun
of a Country singer named Trace Adkins. “It’s not possible, because
he’s such a redneck,” he said. Our solution was to make Adkins’
style of music about science, a topic rarely covered in the Country

Special thanks to Neil Mahoney, who directed the live action part of
the video, Josh Fadem who was kind enough to appear in it, and our old friends Stonehoney for spending the day recording  with us.
If you like it, by all means pass it along—be warned though, there is foul language afoot so keep it out of reach of the little ones.

Science, Y’all!!!


25 01 2008

We wanted to embed stuff from Comedy Central’s website from our special but WordPress doesn’t allow that sort of code all up in its business…I shall therefore direct you to my blog

I’d like to thank Typepad for being a much sluttier “anything goes” blogging platform.


Feinglass Gets Phirmed!

1 09 2007

What’s been going on? Oh, nothin. It’s been hot. New York was fun; the taping went well. Oh, and—wait, did I not tell you?—I got married.  That’s right, married.  Against the advice of friends, family, and legal counsel, a very nice girl has agreed to be my wife.

The wedding took place in June, just before the honeymoon. And now, because it’s silly and because it’s only three minutes long, I’d like to present, for your personal enjoyment, The Official Wedding Invitation that we mailed out as DVDs.

Brand New HnP Video on Super Deluxe! Just in time for Elvis’s Deathiversary!

16 08 2007

CPBS -- Science Y'all!

Episode One of our new SuperDeluxe series “CPBS” (or, the Country Public Broadcasting System) is up—and not a decade too late!

This episode—The Death of the King—features the animation of Divya Srinivasan, the musical accompaniment of country music’s finest, Stonehoney, the always insane (in the good way) Eddie Pepitone, a crowd of kids, and of course, the ‘E’ in ‘decEased’: Elvis Presley.

More thanks must be showered upon Jerry Payne, Tom Davenport, Joel Miller and dzarecta for some excellent decomposition footage, because what’s death without decomposition?


14 05 2007

For those who like to Guac...
Our good friends Mike Blieden and Matt Price made a fantastic series of shorts about a manic, self-obsessed tub of guacamole called, “Guacamole.” The voice cast includes Blieden and Price themselves, as well as Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Besser, Andy Daly and us, just to name drop a bunch. Incidentally, we also wrote the ten second theme song for the show:

Please enjoy the rest of “Guacamole” here.

El Corazón

12 05 2007

Here we explore the passion of Latin music and the ubiquitous presence of the word “corazón,” or “heart” therein. If you watch this video and post the comment, “Are those guys fags or what?” like so many kindly meatheads did on the collective brain trust of MySpace, then you’re kind of missing the point.

The Melodicatrix

10 05 2007

This was our re-scoring of a scene from The Matrix using nothing but the melodica because this is what we nerds do with free time.


7 05 2007

Our first video directed by wunderkind Keith Schofield. It is truly Nerd Gospel. How many digits can you recite?