Email List ERROR and New Album Info

25 01 2008

We’re jerks! We just realized that our email list sign-up form was connected to an old service, so if you signed up for HnP email alerts prior to 10:31pm PST, your email was tossed into a lifeless void that will provide nothing but loneliness. Please sign up again (we know, it’s sucky) to make sure that you can be included on low-impact series of electronic notifications re: live shows, TV appearances, new releases and whatnot.

Say, Last Paragraph, you bring up an interesting point: New Releases…

We’ve already received some emails asking about songs that were on the Comedy Central special that are not on the album or iTunes. We plan to “drop” those and a handful of others very, very soon, so we’ll let you know as soon as that happens (if you signed up for the email list (if you signed up after 10:31PST)).

Thanks so much to everyone who watched the show and has sent us nice words!



25 01 2008

We wanted to embed stuff from Comedy Central’s website from our special but WordPress doesn’t allow that sort of code all up in its business…I shall therefore direct you to my blog

I’d like to thank Typepad for being a much sluttier “anything goes” blogging platform.


“Comedy Central Presents: Hard ‘n Phirm” Tomorrow Night!!!!

24 01 2008

It seems like only five months ago that we went to New York to shoot our very own half-hour comedy special and now good ‘ol episode 1214 is finally airing. Will it be good? What songs will they cut? WE DON’T KNOW! The important thing is that you watch to find out and re-evaluate our place in your heart:

Friday, 1/25
CCP: Hard ‘n Phirm
(though our West Coast DirecTV airs the NY feed at 7)
Comedy Central

Tell others. Pass on the geek of HnP.

“Horses and Grasses” Back on iTunes!

2 01 2008


After several months, Hard ‘n Phirm’s digibum (digital album? That word sucks, I know. I just made it up. Spread it around and make it a “thing.”) has re-appeared on iTunes. It was removed after we signed a distribution deal with Comedy Central Records, who put it back up a couple of weeks ago. Returning to the digibum is the track “Funkhauser,” which had been plucked off some time ago at the request of Peter Farrelly. He had intended to use it in a film and wanted us to take it down for a while. Pete’s such a nice dude that we had no problem doing so, but the prospect of the song being used didn’t pan out. It happens. I still love that guy.

Well, what are you still doing here reading boring backstory? Get out there and download!

El Rey!

6 12 2007


Last night’s El Rey show with Ask A Ninja and Patton Oswalt was FANTASTIC. The theater was jammed, the audience was worked into a foamy froth and we had an absolute blast. Thanks so much to Kent and the Ninja for putting on such a stellar event. The Ninja was on fire, Patton was his usual gale-force of comedy and Olivia Munn, my new co-worker at G4, was a kick-ass hostess. Another blob of appreciation goes out to our pal Dragon Boy Suede, who showed up to rap his part during "Pi." The makeshift nerd-thrill meter I hastily constructed out of a Gaussmeter and an old calculator registered an "E" on the LCD from sheer overload. If you were there, thank you! You brought it!

Dear Dairy

1 12 2007

Hello reader. I have something I want to share with you, and it is Lactaid. Not my actual Lactaid, but the idea of Lactaid.

“But, writer,” reads reader, “I’m not lactose intolerant. What do I care about Lactaid?”

Right. What do you care about Lactaid. How about this: Lactaid is not just milk that has no lactose, it’s milk that has NOWHERE TO BE. Check its expiration date—it stays good for months without all that lactose crapping it up.

Think about it: have you ever seen good, healthy lactose on its own? No, you haven’t. Why? Because no one has. It goes bad before the light reaches your eye.

And now a scene from your refrigerator.

REGULAR MILK: This sucks. I’m outa here.
YOU: But you just got here!
YOU: Well!

…and… a scene from my refrigerator.

ME: Lactaid?! What are YOU still doing here? You must be a deadly poison by now!
LACTAID: Poison?! Ha! I’m still as fresh as a slap on the ass. Say, you don’t mind if I just hang out here for a while, do you?
ME: Mind?! Are you kidding? I’m going to go write about you!

My friend, the troubles depicted in Got Milk? ads are no longer relevant. There is milk insurance, and it is called Lactaid.

Where’s the F-ing Music, Jerks?

29 11 2007

An excellent question, aggressive blog viewer! Our album “Horses and Grasses” was taken off iTunes last month in preparation for it’s ceremonious return to iTunes on the Comedy Central Records label mid-December. This is exciting because it means that the accidental rarity “Funkhauser” will be downloadable. It’s a boring story, but a big famous director wanted to use it in a movie and asked us to keep it off the Internet—the film ended up not getting made, as so many films do not in this town. Fortunately, Baby Geniuses 3 made it through the pipeline, though.

The hard copy will still be available on CD Baby, which just sold out and will have more in their warehouse by next week.