Email List ERROR and New Album Info

25 01 2008

We’re jerks! We just realized that our email list sign-up form was connected to an old service, so if you signed up for HnP email alerts prior to 10:31pm PST, your email was tossed into a lifeless void that will provide nothing but loneliness. Please sign up again (we know, it’s sucky) to make sure that you can be included on low-impact series of electronic notifications re: live shows, TV appearances, new releases and whatnot.

Say, Last Paragraph, you bring up an interesting point: New Releases…

We’ve already received some emails asking about songs that were on the Comedy Central special that are not on the album or iTunes. We plan to “drop” those and a handful of others very, very soon, so we’ll let you know as soon as that happens (if you signed up for the email list (if you signed up after 10:31PST)).

Thanks so much to everyone who watched the show and has sent us nice words!




7 responses

26 01 2008

New album? For reals?
I love you guys.

P.S. Yay, Comedy Central Presents!

26 01 2008

Hey. Just wanted to thank you again for your show at the Eureka the other day. Amazing songs, amazing down to the wire voice performance … and a Dick Gregory reference!

Looking forward to catching the special on tivo.

27 01 2008

Yea…I’m really looking forward to getting some sort of version of your “not illegal” song…which I can then enjoy on my ipod while suckin’ on a bible and spittin’ on a baby.


28 01 2008

I am fully anticipating the album cover being, a steel skeleton hand holding a melodica bursting through a volcano with magma pouring on the keys.

28 01 2008

You guys rocked it hard on Comedy Central, and I’m sad to say that was the first I’ve seen of you guys because I laughed until I cried! I can’t wait for the “not illegal” song! Great job, you guys kick ass!

17 02 2008


25 02 2008

I LOVE CHRIS HARDWICK!! God thats sketchy. . .

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